Sciencefairtooth has created an flatform in an effort to help students,parects and teachers to save time and avoid the hassle of locating the materials necessary to complete the science projects. We have prescreened an assortment of materials needed based on a variety of criteria, including breadth of product offerings, ease of ordering, customer service, and shipping procedures.

Today’s learners are tomorrow’s leaders, which is why sciencefairtooth continues to expand our selection of tools in an interesting and engaging ways.We are committed to bringing the best tools toparents,teachers and children.

As young boys, Orville and Wilbur Wright were given a flying toy made of cork and bamboo by their father. It had a paper body and was powered by rubber bands. Though the toy didn’t last very long, it inspired the boys to imagine and believe that human flight would one day be possible.In 1892, while in their early twenties, they opened a bicycle shop together to pay the bills. Although they worked as mechanics, their dream was always to achieve human flight. They researched and experimented in their own workshop tirelessly. They never gave up. And on December 17, 1903, these two young bicycle mechanics made history by achieving human flight.

This story has always inspired us. It is our hope that one day, young, creative minds like you or your child’s will change the world as the Wright brothers have.

If you are a parent, realize that the opportunities and encouragement you give to your child are the most important factors in helping them grow in their journey to become a scientist.

Our Mission

Children are encouraged to try things on their own. Their innovation is awakened, and their creativity is sparked. Aside from their explanatory value,sciencefaitooth low-cost experiments convey a very important message to the children who see them: that they can learn by tinkering with ordinary materials that may be close at hand. The world is their laboratory.

Whether your goal is to find a fun science activity for your kids or win the international science fair, sciencefairtooth puts comprehensive, scientist-authored tools, tips, and techniques at your fingertips. It’s our sincerest hope that the information provided by this site will serve you well in guiding and inspiring your child.

The Benefits of Sciencefairtooth kit

One of the best ways to help you or your kid develop a passion for science is hidden in a box. “What kind of box?” you might ask. The answer is sciencefairtooth kits .

Save time

All the products you need will be in the kit

Avoid false results caused by faulty/wrong products

When you buy a kit, the ingredients are carefully selected and tested to make sure they work!

Save money

Carefully select the package you be needing and thus save money.

Increase your kids chances of scoring a better grade

After experimenting, pick the right package that you find to be the most interesting or impressive. If a project is interesting to your kid, he or she is far more likely to do it well. That way, you’ll stand the best chance of scoring top grades!

Bring out the scientist in your kid

Finally and most importantly, these kits are effective tools for bringing out the scientist in your kid. Because your kid gets to quickly see results, he or she will be encouraged and tend to keep on experimenting. This process of encourages discovery after discovery. We believe this is an extremely effective way to raise your child’s awareness and understanding of scientific principles

We Research, Create and Offer Only High-Quality Products

In a growing online marketplace, we recognize that parents,students and teachers have many options available when it comes to purchasing science tools and education products. What sets sciencefairtooth apart is our proven commitment to offering only high-quality, top-rated products that have been thoroughly reviewed and tested by our team of science educators. That way you have peace of mind when it comes to teaching hands-on learning with the products you purchase from us. It’s also important you know that the investment you make with us meets—or exceeds—your expectations.

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