Are you sick of trying to explain to your kids why they can’t have  soft drink often?

Are your warnings about rotten teeth not being taken seriously?

Try our simple and fun experiment!

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Cola Soda Rots Teeth!

The “Tooth” Experiment

Encouraging children to look closely and think about what they see develops strong thinking skills!
Ever have trouble convincing a kid that soda and sugary drinks really can hurt their teeth? Are your warnings about rotten teeth not being taken seriously?
Then there’s a simple and fun experiment just for you

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Soft drinks have become an addiction  for a growing number of people, especially kids, teens and young adults. But did you know a steady diet of soft drinks can lead to tooth decay?

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“This experiment is well worth the effort! There is nothing better than to see my children get excited about theresults and the accomplishments they made through the program by knowing the ill effects of soft drinks on teeth!

Betsy Hanes Perry, USA

"I am thrilled to report that my students did very well with their science fair projects this year with your materials. I attribute their success to my discovery of your web resource and the use of your materials! I learned so much from my experience, this year. Thank you for the support."

Barbara Messmer, Teacher, Canada

"I wanted to thank you and everyone at Science fair tooth for your wonderful website. My kid was not exactly sure about what type of project she wanted to work on. Your site helped her choose a project that she was both excited about and interested in. We continued to use your site for information and tips on board displays and judging. Everything we learned from the site was helpful in her project taking the top honour. We can't thank you enough for creating such a user-friendly site, for both students and parents to access! Our family will be using your site again in choosing future projects for both of our children."

Christina Bulbenko, USA

We just had an amazing science fair down at our Schools. It was really fun elementary and middle school kids worked really hard on their projects. Mine was about how the effects of soft drinks on our teeth and I want to thank science fair tooth for theirwonderful products and step by step procedures to be done. Thank you guys!

Ashlyn, Sydney, Australia

Thank you so much for this wonderful project…the children had such a wonderful time and learned a lot live! As a teacher, I was so grateful to have an alternative to the usual projects that happen. The experiments and presentation were perfectly age appropriate and so educational.

Anne Rothe, Teacher at Auckland, New Zealand

We wouldn’t hesitate to recommend this project to other parents if they believe their child shows an addiction for soft drinks.My son stopped drinking soda drinks completely!

Sara brown, London, UK

Seeing is believing!

We hope this tooth decay experiment can help your family understand the importance of a healthy oral health routine and diet.Educate your kids about the ill-effect of soft drinks experimentally.If you do these experiments with your family, tell us about them! We’d love to hear the results.


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